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Among all marketing tools, Display Advertising provides maximum visibility and prestige for a brand. In accordance with potential customers' interests and lifestyle, a brand can attract the customers with well-targeted banner ads on specific websites popular with them.  Static or animated images or videos have a very positive impact on the purchasing behavior of internet users. This is why Display Advertising grows faster than any other advertising approaches.


Display Advertising has so much to offer!


Native Ads – are an effective way to avoid ad blockers. A Native Ad perfectly merges with the content and the subject of the website without being persistent, but it is still visible as an ad. It matches the interests of a potential customer.


Cross-Device or Responsive Display Ads - can reach any internet user on any computer or mobile device at any time. Responsive Ad is very efficient because it adjusts to any size of the device automatically. The reach of display ad increases as more people can see the ad.

Programmatic Advertising concept. Youtube Online native targeting ads marketing strategy.

Dynamic Ads – the same ad that can be randomly modified creating several versions of it, as required, that differ by color, daytime, age, gender, interests, weather, etc.


The purchasing behavior of a potential customer might be influenced not only by his/her interests but by different life circumstances. With dynamic ads it is possible to show your products in different versions, at different time and place.

Programmatic Ads Buying


A huge benefit of Display Advertising is Programmatic Ads Buying. This is an automated process of buying media inventory – i.e., display space for you - via an ad exchange platform, by using algorithms and data. 

Programmatic (1)_edited.png

Programmatic Ads are not only efficient and effective but also yield a much higher Return on Investment (ROI).


We use machine learning technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the bidding process in real-time to buy ad placements for our customers.

Strategy and Planning


Before running a successful Display Advertising campaign, it is paramount to have a good plan and understand your company’s priorities.


If your company considers running a Display Ad for the first time, we will:


  • Work with you to create your new Display Advertising strategy and plan, incl. a display roadmap, budget recommendations and a customer journey map

  • Provide maximum information about different advertising platforms, their prices, advantages and disadvantages.


You have already launched Displays Ads? If so, we will conduct a full analysis of your existing strategic plan, incl. target audience and creatives.


Campaign Management 


Creating display ads is not enough to attract new customers. To achieve outstanding results, the process of running display ads must be properly managed.


We will assist you with:


  • Managing, monitoring and optimizing your display advertising campaigns in real-time across all display networks, e.g., Google Display Network (GDN) and Amazon Advertising

  • Choosing relevant websites for your display ads

  • Optimizing the conversion rate of the campaigns to increase ROI.


Content Marketing


To catch customer’s attention in a world full of distractions, design and content of the advertising campaign play an essential role. Tailored messaging and distinctive design can increase engagement of potential and existing customers.

Display Marketing

On request, we can develop unique individual creatives (static or animated graphics, videos, pictures, etc.) and messaging relevant to your product or service, aimed at your target audience and its segments.


Let’s talk about Retargeting/Remarketing


Another huge benefit of Display Ads is that your company can reach its customers in different ways.


Your customer showed interest in your product/service but didn’t fill out the contact form or complete the buying process? With Display Ads you can re-engage with your potential customer with a new but personalized display ad message.


We will work with you to:


  • Plan, manage and monitor retargeting campaigns and, if necessary, choose the right platform to run your campaign on

  • Create custom creatives and cookie lists (as necessary and applicable).


You can also engage with your audience by using:


  • Interest Targeting (affinity ads) – to attract customers who haven’t heard of your brand before but have a specific interest in products or services similar to what your company offers.

  • Contextual Targeting – your display ad will appear on websites related to the keywords, interests and topics your customer is looking for. Contextual targeting is often used in Native ads.

  • Topic Targeting – if your customer has already engaged with your display advertising, the ads will appear on websites or apps related to your product or service.


Analysis is important!


Analyzing the success of your campaign in real-time or after the campaign completion is essential for monitoring the costs, the conversion rate and ultimately your ROI.

On request, we can create daily, weekly or monthly reporting with recommendations based on the status of the campaign and its budget.



Get in touch with us today and explore what we can do for your business!

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