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Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is an essential part of a good marketing strategy that involves a mix of ways to promote products, services or international/local businesses.


With simple but on-topic text ads and accurate targeting, you can reach your relevant target audience with very low divergence loss (i.e., expense for advertising to uninterested audience). SEA is an effective and efficient way to increase your website traffic and the desired conversions, thus increasing your brand awareness and ultimately your revenue.


Choosing the right advertising platform:

Strategically, it is essential to choose an advertising platform that is right for you in order to reach your potential customers. Our experts will guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of different marketing platforms and will support you during the process of making the right decision.

Platforms/Networks we work with:


  • Google Adwords

  • Google Display Network (GDN)

  • Bing Advertising

  • Baidu Ads

  • YouTube


YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google with almost 2 billion users.


With video ads and creative banner ads on YouTube you can reach a very broad audience to promote your products or services.


We will plan, create  and manage your advertising campaigns for you. However, you remain in control of your budget and your advertising campaigns at any time.

Do you want to re-connect with your former or existing customers, or internet users who were interested in your products or services in the past? Let’s do it! Our team will plan, implement and manage your Remarketing campaigns.


We understand: Mobile First! All your advertising campaigns will be optimized for mobile users to enhance their customer experience.

Mobile Ads

Other services we provide to support your SEA, at a glance:


  • Introductory Consulting – if required, we conduct an in-depth market and competition analysis.


  • SEA Consulting – regardless of what network or platform our customer chooses, our  experts assist every customer in selecting the right advertising assets. If requested, our web designers and web developers will create outstanding creatives (images, videos, audios and other ad formats) and a converting landing page for your specific requirements.


  • Affiliate Marketing Consulting – We will take care of your partner programs, their acquisition and maintenance.


  • SEA Financial Analysis and Reporting – transparency is our credo! We continuously validate sales and leads to ensure that our clients pay for real leads. During and after every advertising campaign we produce detailed reporting with the relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from which we proactively derive further performance optimization needs or strategic change requirements. We also provide point-by-point budget reporting that details how much money was spent on every ad without losing the sight of the Return on Investment (ROI).


Get in touch with us today and explore what we can do for your business!

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