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Brand Addiction is real!

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Brand addiction is REAL and it is a new marketing phenomenon.

Based on several studies and surveys conducted by the University of Manchester (UK), consumer’s obsessive relationship with a specific brand has been proven. The scientists haven’t come to a conclusion yet what consequences consumer’s addictive behavior towards a specific brand might have on them and their environment.

The following characteristics of brand addiction were examined: acquisitiveness, anxiety-irritability, bonding, brand exclusivity, collecting, compulsive urges, financial management. These elements were compared to debt tolerance, dependence, gratification, mental and behavioral preoccupation, and word of mouth.

The first results of the study showed that brand addiction differs from other consumer-brand relationships.

However, the number of studies focusing on brand addiction and consumers’ personal experiences with this addiction is still limited. New studies should establish a clearer understanding of brand addiction, whether it is as damaging as other forms of addictions, how to deal with it and, possibly, how to “treat” the affected consumers.


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